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The feckin' heat looks set to last throughout my pathetic lil' holiday! Oh well, I suppose it beats getting rained on the whole time.
The weekend saw the last of two decent, dark thrillers, TOP OF THE LAKE, which I liked less than I expected to, and had figured the denoument out pretty early on; and SOUTHCLIFFE, which was seriously good, and very disturbing at times. The actors were amazing, especially Rory Kinnear. The more I see him, the more impressed I am by his work.
R Next Door's dawgs have picked up a stomach lurgy on the common, and so, I think, have I. Annoyance upon aggravation. Fap.

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Your line work is always great. What was Amazy scared of?

Thank you!
...R Next Door's dawgs were outside the door.

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