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More Vet Visiting, and Feeling Seedy...

Felt really sick, this morning, nausea on an empty stomach. Bleurgh...Yesterday I just sneezed all day; couldn't help it, including during the excruciating call from my mother. It pissed her off, like I could control it,or something... She was particularly weird. Very 'mixed-up'. It's sad, too, that quite often she's extremely 'childish', but in a nasty way, with none of the joyful stuff about being a kid, just the irrational fears,ignorance, and primitive spite. Brrrr!
I was a nervous wreck all morning, of course, until vet time, but Wotan was actually captured and conveyed very easily. The examination went well, his stitches are out, more weight gained, and if the calcium readings are OK, he doesn't need to go back now for about 6 weeks. Oh rapture. There was a very handsome man, about my age, in the waiting room with me, also escorting a wailing, pissed-off cat.
Nice set-up for a 'meet-cute' romance - Except of course, that we studiously ignored each other, like lift passengers. Real life, pah!

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