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Crazier By The Day...
I'm becoming such an irritable old cow.
The other day, I was wrestling my trolley, laden withh groceries, lots of cat litter,etc. off the bus, and a young bloke cut awkwardly in front of me as he rushed for the next bus. I heard myself spitting 'Motherfucking idiot!', a waste of invective, as he probably neither saw nor heard me. Just goes to show, though. I am definitely becoming one of those whiskery old crocks who shamble about insulting people. Oh dear.
The engineer finally did come and sorted things out for the moment. Once again, it was blamed on the recent re-wiring. My connection was routed to another flat, it seems. Oh well, they've given me a refund, but what I needed was the service. Grunt.
Might as well start catching up with doodles...

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Ahhh - we have had an influx of holidaymakers here and I was cussing like a fishwife, after being cut up in traffic/jostled in the supermarket etc.

Ha! I did this as well. Some oul fella at the reduced to clear bread shelf. He was leaned right over the staff dscounter wth his arm arched on the shelf, blocking her escape and my vision. I can't recall what I said. "Fucking room", "A bit of space" or whatever, it was an impatient and lecturing voice. He looked around at me and I just smiled innocently followed by maniac laughter, convincing him I said nothing. I love your doodles today.

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He he, thanks. Always good to know there are other misanthropic cranks around. Peope are just so damn stupid, though...

The best thing about that paragraph is how many British terms it has in it.

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