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Bit O' Bitchin'...

... Provoked by R Next Door, of course. No kidding, I'm SURE she reads my self-loathing mind. It's incredible how certain people have this uncanny knowledge of just the buttons to press, every time.
Very nice day, in general, though. Enough cloud so that the sun wasn't too searing. I carried on down to the launderette via the 'little gym' with the airwalker, and on the way back, succumbed to the can't afford-but lure of a flat white at the Roastery. Nom!
Looks like a new Scandi thriller with the cuddly Rolf Lasgaard on BBC4 Saturday. The WALLANDERS were all repeats, but I don't remember this... THE ACCURSED ONE or something similar? There's another early morning double bill of obscure ancient films on BBC2 Saturday morning, as well. I'm really annoyed , 'coz I remembered to record MICHAEL STROGOFF last time, BUT didn't realise that THE PRIVATE AFFAIRS OF BEL AMI, with the marvelously louche George Sanders was on right after it. Bum!

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