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Still Stinkin'...
Sat: A bit of merciful cloud cover, but no thunder yet, nor any real hope that rain is going to freshen things up. I continue to feel SICK.
Have been watching  TOP OF THE  LAKE, a not-bad thriller by Jane Campion, with elements of TWIN PEAKS, but not in the same class. I've also enjoyed all the Burton/Taylor stuff on BBC4. It will be on iPlayer for the rest of the week, all worth catching, especially the docudrama, wit Helena Bonham Carter.
Now it's Sunday, and, yes, still scorchy when the sun comes out, but the breeze does help (apart from all the pollen and dust blowing around. I'm still feeling crook, but I've only missed one 'workout' through it. Seeing so many people suffer with heartburn and 'acid indigestion', I guess I'm quite lucky only to be discovering the interesting experience now. Had enuff, though. It can quit, now.
I've been having all tese ludicrous names popping into my head, recently. Potential characters who will never be created, I suppose. 'Declan Panfry' has been floating around for years. I think he's a sort of soap leading man, or something, and resembles Robson Green. A new one is 'Alan Pangolin'. a smug Tory yuppie type in his 40's. He has floppy blond hair and likes blazers for casual...There are more... I have to stop and groove on Siegfried's Rhine Journey. Whoa!

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I tried really hard to like Top Of The Lake since it was shot in my part of the world, and there are lots of little references only NZers would get, like having a tui singing the woods while they were looking for Tui. But it was just too boring in the end, and I also found the caricatures of the menopausal women's community ridiculously broad, although Holly Hunter was fantastic. Maybe it was more interesting if you're a furriner.

Missed the last episode, due to connection problems. I like it enough to want to see how it turns out, but agree that some of the characters don't ring true at all, especially those commune women! Jeez...

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