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Dreadful Discomforts...
It IS cooler, but between the humidity still squashing us under a dirty wet mattress of  polluted air, and the wind blowing all the fine dust and grit around, causing coughing and very itchy eyes. oy! ..
Then here's the heartburn and nausea! Feels like the Worst Summer Ever. I just pray it's nice and fresh by the end of August for the trip to Ghent.
I actually didn't exercise today. I went out early to leave some more too-big jeans at the charity shop. Then, before the sun really burned through, I wanted to have a look at the wee Cats and Cartoonists, show at Orbital.( I wanted to do something, but didn't feel well enough to really do much, or go far.)  It was very enjoyable, but the shop, of course, was like a sauna... I thank the gods that I don't have to deal with getting to and from, and performing, a dayjob, in this weather, and my heart goes out to those who have to manage it, somehow.
I boarded a new 'Boris Bus' 24. They look nice, but the winows downstairs are totally sealed! WTF? I guess the open back is supposed to provide  ample ventilation. No. Not enough. I also don't understand why some of the seats have to be on quite high raised platforms. There doesn't seem to be any purpose to this, apart from making it difficult and painful for the old and/or arthrictic to sit there. Mumble. So it goes.
The Blue Cock is finally in situ on Trafalgar Square's fourth plinth, and looks  quite jolly. That hideous golden child on the rocking horse used to piss me off every time I passed by.

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That heartburn sounds horrid, are you going to get it checked out at the docs?

I've been there, but got nothing for it yet...

My own weather is hotter than yours, but less humid. It was 100f out before I got on this air conditioned bus.

Lets remind ourselves to reread these entries in the winter and appreciate the winter more!

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