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Sarcasm is a precious natural resource and should never be wasted.

And it's such high-quality sarcasm, too!

Are you having fun with the dip pens? I've really liked the drawings of Amazy you've been posting recently, particularly the one from the 17th (I meant to comment at the time, but got distracted). The colours in her fur were so vivid, and so tactile.

Yes,thanks, although I'm totally inept, the dip pens are really interesting to fool around with, and have an unusual 'feel'. Only problem is, the nibs don't seem to fit any of the pen holders I have. Wonder if your dad remembers what he used.
I've also been grooving out on those GOT downloads while simmering miserably. They really help! :D

I just love your posts ♥

I take it the lady next door isn't on LJ :)

Heaven Forbid! She's kind of a luddite.

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