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Bracing Myself...
It wasn't too bad, this morning so I went out early, exercised at both 'gyms', then bleached my hair in preparation for having it chopped tomorrow (So the fuzz will be white instead of the silver/mouse/iron filings weirdness which is what I actually grow nowadays.)
Also dealt with the putrid catbox. A bag of crystals barely lasts a week in this weather, and humidity, of course, helps produce a truly lethal  stench.
Started watching that naughty £3.00 DVD of LES MIS I got on Ebay. Yup, the sound quality is poor.The gods have punished my illegal purchase. It looks OK, though, and I started sniffling  at the Monsignor's candlesticks bit and haven't stopped. I really am getting very soppy in my old age.


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I have to make myself scoop it every day in this weather; cat urine is particularly toxic because it's concentrated; a cat is a desert creature, and its body has evolved to use water efficiently. Thus, by the time it comes out, the ammonia smell is quite acute.

I DO scoop every day. Gods know how bad it would be if I didn't

That air walker thing is the one we have in our park- it's hilarious going on it

I get a bit giddy, sometimes, but I actually enjoy it!

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