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Steamin' Artist Date...

IMG_0080Despite R's protestations tat 'ze old and poor' (ie sickly-) should not do any such thing, I decided to schlep over to Kennington to see the lovely David Shenton's exhibit.I'm a longtime fan, and didn't want to put it off, as I often forget, when I do that...(July 27 is the last day. It's open Thurs-Sat, 12:00-18:00) I did manage to goof up, anyway. I got there an hour early , having somehow got the notion that it was open 11-6, Tues-Sun...So I sat around in a cafe until 12...Then discovered (with another poor fool who'd come from Plaistow-) That the feckin' gallery was not actually open at all. The people working at AIRLOCK are incredibly nice, though, and they took mercy on us poor melted folk and let us in. (I proceeded to spend a foolish amount on comics, as did the other guy...)  I really enjoyed the exhibit, which is small, but full of neat stuff, and think those who can get there should check it out. Shenton is such a good cartoonist. I still love his funny fingers, after all these years.

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