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T-Shirts, etc.

My nose is literally 'running like a tap' despite super-strength antihistamines.
I went to the GP yesterday, for prescription review, and asked about shots. Again, she advised against it, as it doesn't help with the animal allergies, she sez. I dunno. Anyway,got  more tablets (wheeze, snort...) She was thrilled with my shrinkage (hadn't seen me since before the op-) and now-normal B/P. Heh.
R Next Door asked if I was actually going out on the street in my 'Ruthie'* Pretty Big T-shirt, and I said, Yup, why not? She just looked embarrassed  and mumbled something I didn't catch, then 'Never mind'.  On the way up to the quack's, I passed a man in a 'Heisenberg' T, and we exchanged conspiratorial smirks.
Hmm, I see the very pricey new Chinese over the road is making an effort. They have a lunchtime special with everything half price...Unfortunately ,all I want to eat at the moment is lollies, hardboiled eggs, and the odd bit of bread and cheese. Too hot.
Got one of those LOVEFILM DVDs I don't recall ordering, FAST AND FURIOUS 5, which is supposed to be the best of the franchise! I actually tried to watch it, but couldn't stay awake and gave up, eventually. There was some nice Rio location stuff, and Dwayne Johnson,  (aka Mr The Rock-) remains an extremely  fine figure of a man. Vin Diesel was also involved, and a romantic pair, unknown to me. It was dire.
Started on the Washington  DC version of HOUSE OF CARDS; not bad, and Kevin Spacey is always fascinating to watch, but, as I'd anticipated, it's nowhere near as riveting as the original.
IMG_0081*  'Ruthie' was a lil' mascot I created for a large-size fashion mag I was involved with centuries ago. It folded after only a few issues, of course, and I got some of the T-shirts. I think she's rather cute, and dunno what R's problem is.

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