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Ohh, argh, nnnngh!  I'm all incohernt with the stupefying sizzle. I did just see a live giant squid on TV, though, and it was fascinatingly terrifying. Loved the enthusiastic exclamations of the Japanese boffin, too; gleeful  cries of  'Ohhhh,look at that!', like when they discover something massively major in a Toho film. It actually is monstrous, though. Ahhhh! THE EYE!
Interesting-looking new thriller on BBC2 tonight, but I think I'll record it and watch the WALLANDER repeat, as I'm too mindless to focus.
In other news... There was an anti-ATOS demo at Westminster, but most people were probably too sickly and enfeebled to go.Don't suppose it will get any major media coverage, as per usual.Sigh.
Guh, my blogging efforts have overwhelmed me. Must crawl off and have another ice lolly.


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Ya wimp! It ain't hot in my book until it's at minimum in the 30's. Then again, they're promising 31 degrees tomorrow, and from the sounds of things, your flat is extra bakey - maybe a cold shower would help? Or a dip in the serpentine if you dare risk the venomous blue-green algae?

Oh no, anything over 20 is too much for me. Hot weather and I just do *not* get on. Yeah, it's nice in the shower, but I can't stay there all day! :p

Yay for the Heisenberg. He's a cranky old fella. I can't see him doing too much fishing though. I recall pausing (that?) video of the giant squid as it's menacing eyes rose. Just before, it's face holds a look of strong sadness and beauty. Perhaps s/he was Walter White Squid. Or ate some Walter Whiting.

Your blogging diligence is an inspiration Lee.

It's still creeping me out, when I think about it< Giant squids are scarier than Walter White.

I saw a giant squid in a box in New Zealand! And it's kind of decaying which makes it even grosser! Happy memories (really!)

I was supposed to be off work this week but I cancelled it cos I might as well take advantage of their air conditioning. I hope you can get through it without, are there any libraries near you with temperature control?

You should check the squid out on YouTube. It's SO uncanny, and it's mostly shimmery gold/bronze.

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