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Heatwave Hell...
Went out before the sun burned through this morning to do my exercisin', then went along  to the new outdoor gym to see if the health & saftey had opened it yet. It's still exactly the same as last week; the contractors haven't finished it. It's now locked, as well, so fools like me can no longer sneak a ride on the air walker. Feck.
Caught up with THE WHITE QUEEN, which, of course, is still shite, but at least there's a bit more action, and Margaret of Anjou is good fun.  I've totally given up on THE AMERICANS, though, just can't be arsed...
Looks like a very unpleasant weekend coming up for those of us who don't do heat, not to mention pollen. Moan.

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Am also enjoying the White Queen despite everything, and, on much higher plane, having caught up on 4 episodes of Les Reventauts in two days on 4Od, to get into it, am now suffering the one-a-week dole out, which is painful, and, as I see it, your fault! Thanks for the doodle diaries.

Thank you; it's nice when someone enjoys 'em. :)
REVENANTS tomorrow, Yeh! Only a few more eps, are we actually going to find out WTF is going on? If they pull a number like the finale of THE FALL, I shall be really cross.

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