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Sweltering Crankily...
Haven't done much at all, the past few days except exercise as early as possible, maybe go to the supermarket for ice lollies, fruit and olives, then collapse. Had a short visit from crunchcandy Monday evening. She had the misfortune to be in London for work-related stuff, just as it was getting really infernal, and stayed over in my greenhouse-like pauper's pentouse, for her hideously early train back the next morning. I was too idle and heat-addled to even get any dinner together, but she was understanding.
LUTHER was particularly hilarious last night, (well, maybe not quite as much as the first episode, when our hero convinced a perp to co-operate by dangling the screaming baddie off the side of a building.)
This woman who writes for RADIO TIMES, Alison Graham, is constantly lamenting the supposed fact that women are  being psychologically abused by exposure to all these 'orrible misogynist killings, and peeping about various fictional  rapes and bashings that she 'couldn't bear to watch'  us females are so weedy that seeing something scary on telly is gonna give us a breakdown? Jeez. As Bart Simpson says, if you hide your eyes, how are you ever gonna get desensitised?
I've now started to watch season five of the terrific BREAKING BAD via LoveFilm. Grand stuff.
Oh yes, I also watched the IMAGINE Rod Stewart special, which reminded me of how good he was before he was a cheesy old git, especially in the FACES days. Elton John used to be excellent, too,back in the day.

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R ought to take a good hard look at herself sometime. Even if you have more winkles now, you're probably healthier.

Well, that's the point, really, better wrinkly but more mobile and less unhealthy (even though I look dreadful- :P )

Oh gawd Lee, you are SO flipping good!

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