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I've been up since about 6:00 , trying to get up the motivation to go downstairs. It's just gonna keep getting hotter and hotter...LES REVENANTS on Ch 4 just keeps getting better and better. Utterly absorbing, and I'm pissed off at the end of each creepy episode. Want more now! THE WALKING DEAD, on the other hand, still bores me. Once again, I nodded off halfway through it...Watched MANIAC, a queasily gruesome misogynist-murderer  opus. It wasn't bad, actually. I've always found Elijah Wood somehow creepy, anyway, and he made a good psychokiller.
BTW, I am not really watching BIG BROTHER, you understand. It's got so lame that even I can't bear it, but I do usually check in for evictions. This girl Wolfy started out as reasonably likable, at least compared to the others, but Lust for Fame seems to have got to her. I also wonder about her declared rapport with all creatures, after seeing her enthusiastically gut and cook some unfortunate fresh fish.
grumpy tiger

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agree with you re LES REVENANTS: now I've caught up with 4 eps in quick succession on 4OD, I'm trapped in once-a-week dole out. I fear that it will have no proper resolution, but I want more journey there more quickly than I can have.

Also, missing foot.

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