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Here Comes The Heat...

IMG_0066Well, I know all you people who like hot weather deserve some, at this point, but I really wish I didn't have to share...and my feckin' ALLERGIES! Jesus wept. (And Coughed. And Sneezed. And Itched...)  This week has just shot by ; last week, too. Strange. ...R Next Door was barely speaking, this morning. Sometimes she feels so low, she can't talk, and I suppose it's a nice rest from her catalogue of largely self-inflicted misery, and /or her jeremiads about how ill I look. It's also way too hot for her remarks about my comical hideousness. Still, it's a pity...Yesterday at Clapham Junction a little old Indian man came up to me. (A 'clean old man' ,very polite and well spoken-) and said he often saw me around and I seemed such a nice lady, would I be so kind as to give him a hug...As I said, he didn't smell or anything, so I thought what the hell. I ended up giving him  three, before I could escape. I suppose he was just being a rapey old perv and I was colluding in my own abuse, but it was sort of nice! ...He said I'd made his day, and I trundled off amused. Life is strange...IMG_0067

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So long as it wasn't some sort of pick-pocketing ruse seems harmless enough. O_o

No harm, no foul (he's a lot less toxic than R).

I'm not even a dog person, but you make R's dogs so adorable. Lula! Aw!

Lula is delightful. Actually, I wish I were as appealing-looking as she is!

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