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'Artist Date' Day...

It's a very peculiar sort of day, actually. Thnkfully not too hot, and rather cloudy, but humid, and very spookily still and quiet,   Went downstairs with R and dawgs, to exercise. It was nice to see Foss back, safe and sound....Afterwards, I went along to the ICA to have a look at the KEEP YOUR TIMBER LIMBER show, which was fun. I was rather impressed by the work of Cary Kwok, who  displayed a little roomful of ejaculating hunks  more comical than erotic, IMO, but impressively rendered and detailed, mostly in blue biro! Dunno how he does it. (Oh, BTW, Popeye has spinach-green cum)....There was another small exhibit of recent works by Palestinian artists, by which I was mostly rather baffled, but I did like the collages made by a bloke who stayed in London for a month, and each day, filled an outline of himself with bus tickets, etc. depicting what he'd encountered.   My knees were killing me today,. I had to resort to Tramadol, which didn't help much. Wish the feckin' ICA had a proper lift. I tried to summon the goods lift on the sly, but nothing happened. The people on the desk were busy chatting amonst themselves, and I was embarrassed to ask for 'permission', so I just crawled up and down.  Snot fair...(ZOOM) Cary Kwok 2005 - BuffetWhile I was there, I blew another three squid on the Mall Galleries exhibit of work from the Women Artists Guild, or summat. Like most of their shows, it was full of very conventional, commercial stuff, with a few nice, quirky surprises. I must say I really envy the technical skills of a lot of these people  ...On the way home, I decided to try the wares of the new Chinese takeway, which has finally opened. Unfortunately, it's too expensive for regular use... I ordered Vegetables Pad Thai, which was nice, but although I ate slowly and cautiously,  I was stricken by a Technicolor Yawn Event. Bugger. It's weird, you can never tell when something will disagree with the newish  abdominal arrangements. Oh well, I'll save what's left for tomorrow, when possibly the innards will be in a better mood... THE WALKING DEAD, series 3 has started, but I still find it boring. None of the characters interest me, and although I'm keen on zombies, just watching one unhead head after another get blown off gets tired  pretty quickly.IMG_0063

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