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Hot and Sneezy...

IMG_0059Bah, proper hot, muggy day. Exercised early, and shuffled down to pick up the laundry, and have a look at the new exercise equipment that's being set up near Silverthorn Road. There's a bike! Didn't see an air walker, but it's all still 'in progress'... R Next Door buzed at about 10:30 last night, dragging me away from the WALLANDER repeat. (It was a very good 'un, and Rolf Lassgard is 'my type'...)  To wail and lament that Faustina (Foss) Spaniel, a very sweet dog she sometimes takes care of, had got her collar caught in a chair ouside a cafe where her humans were al fresco-ing, gone into a panic, and run off, dragging the chair, until her collar came off, then vansishing at speed. R joined them in searching all afternoon and evening, but was convinced that Foss was run over and dead. on a landfill... Thankfully, she had been spotted wandering in a distressed but unhurt state, by the dog warden, and will soon be home. (After the unlucky couple cough up 50 quid to retrieve her!) Awww, 'm so glad it ended well. Foss is a lovely woof.        Personally, I've been feeling sick with the heat, and have mostly just flopped around sucking the odd ice lolly and watching TWIN PEAKS DVDs.

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