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IMG_0057 I saw this TIMELESS RUSSIA absurdly luxurious rich folks' cruise advertised and I want it, I wanna go while I can still move, a bit.   I just keep reading it over and over. It isn't right that I don't have a measly £4000 to glide away on the Volga Dream...Grump.                   Happened on a little exhibit of Ronnie Wood prints in Bedfordbury, and I really rather like a lot of his stuff...the lithographs, really. They have a nice lively feel about them.        Watched the latest version of ANNA KARENINA, and have to admit Kiera Knightly wasn't too bad, perhaps because I've always found Anna such an annoying character, anyway. All in all, it looked good, and I liked it rather better than I had expected to.

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I'm so impressed that you manage to keep your temper with R. I'm guessing that letting off steam in the diaries helps.

The Volga cruise looks amazing, especially with the stop in Kizhi to see the wooden church. They have some stunning trips on that site - at suitably stunning prices.

I went to see "Death in Venice" last night and liked it a lot. I struggled to understand the words in the crowd scenes but he was admirably clear, and the lack of surtitles makes it a more intimate experience, somehow.

I shall give that Anna Karenina a look. I had ruled it out, because Keira Knightley as directed by Joe Wright in "Pride and Prejudice" was painfully awful.

Yes, I think ANNA is worth watching, if no big deal. It certainly wasn't the disaster I was expecting. I thought Jude Law was very good as Karenin.
I probably would have lamped R Next Door years ago, if I didn't have the fun of doing all these mean doodles as revenge. ;-D
I really do wonder sometimes that nobody's killed her yet.
The Volga Dream thing has such cool excursions, doesn't it? The Amber Room, the Novodevichy Cemetery! ( I could pay my respects to my lifelong Crush from the Crypt Chaliapin!) I WANNA GO! X-0 I have actually considered starting to buy a weekly lottery ticket again in vain hope...
Are you going to rozk's 'canonisation' in St Anne's Soho,Saturday?
I will probably chicken out, but it sounds very interesting.

I'm dithering about going to Roz's canonisation. It sounds fun and I love the name "Little Sister Rosalind of the Moderately Expensive Flowers", but the crowds will be hellish and I'm not sure I can face that.

Every time I think she can't possibly get any worse...

Te Incredibleness of R

That's exactly what I think, but she never fails.

Your next door neighbour doesn't have a clue, does she?

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