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Crap Films...

Recent DVD viewing was pretty excruciating. THE HOBBIT was rank. I have never been able to get into reaing Tolkein, but I did enjoy the LORD OF THE RINGS films, and didn't expect  this latest effort to be so very poor. I don't know if it looked better in 3D, but all the actors had a strange uncanny valley look about them, as if they were GCI'd . Gollum, actually, looked more 'real' than everyone else. I did rather like the Stone Giants and the enormous rescue eagles at the end, but they accounted for about one minute of the hours of portentious piffle that I half-watched. Major turkey...Almost as dire was INTO THE WONDER, Terence Malick's latest. Strange that something so beautiful to look at can be so boring and vacant. The characters had very little life to them, and there was no story, to speak of. So there.

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I actually enjoyed the Hobbit a lot more than I thought I was going to, shite "Noooo!" moments excepted, but then a) I think Richard Armitage is hawt and spent most of my time drooling and b) living in NZ gives it a whole other dimension, as any non-drooling time is spent seeing which local actors you recognise and trying to figure out where they filmed things. Ooh, I just realised something - as NZ is so small, where people in other countries are six degrees away from each other, we're only 2 (we even have a mobile phone company called 2Degrees). Sure enough, I know the casting director on the movies, which means I am only 2 degrees away from Richard Armitage! Cool! That's made my day

Yes, young Mr Armatigage *is* quite a dishy fellow, but he wasn't really in it enough, IMO, to compensate for the huge stretches of bland boredom.

I guess it depends on your expectations - I'd forgotten The Hobbit was All Dwarves All The Time so wasn't expecting to see much of Richard (hur hur) and was surprised by how many scenes he was in. The All Dwarves thing at least explained why they would have cast an actor over six foot as a dwarf. I did wonder.

Looking back at your post - yes, I thought the stone giants were great, but the eagles just annoyed me by reminding me that the whole of LOTR could have been avoided by getting the eagle to take Frodo to Mt Doom as well as from. That's a plot hole and a half.

Thee did seem to be obvious game tie-ins in the Hobbit, like everything in the caverns with the goblins. I know they padded it out, because I read the graphic novel.

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