Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Calling All Anti-War Creatives...

Dear Fellow Cartoonist:
We are planning to place full page ad in the next available issue of The
Comics Journal containing a cartoonist's Statement of Conscience in
opposition to the Bush Administration's relentless march towards war
with Iraq and erosion of our civil liberties. We would like to print the
names of as many cartoonists as possible who share this view.
If you want to have your name included on the list, please contact Megan
Kelso ASAP. We have about three weeks to put the ad together, so time is
the essence. Please forward this to other cartoonists you know who may
also want to have their names included. We hope you will join us in this
small but important effort. As Al Smith once said, "the solution to the
problems of democracy is more democracy." Let us behave as if we lived
in a
democracy and speak up!
Megan Kelso and Timothy Kreider
The undersigned cartoonists oppose the Bush administration's policies
abroad and at home in its response to the terrorist attacks of 9/11. The
"War on Terror" is being used as an excuse to launch a
unilateral and unprovoked invasion of Iraq for political motives, and to
repeal the rights and freedoms for which this country first fought. The
America we believe in doesn't attack first, or arrest its citizens
without charges. If comic books have taught us anything, it is that
Superpowers should only be used for good.
(Email her at:

I've signed on to this. Hope you do the same, and please forward it to
other comics or creative folk whom you think might be interested.

...This one is doing the rounds; just thought I'd post it here in case anyone who might want to sign hasn't seen it yet...

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