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Yet again, R next Door makes it impossible to help her,despite much time wasted on mighty efforts. I feckin' give up. Too boring to relate, but I may make a strip of it. *Simmer*
I also wasted money on 'reduced to clear' lean mince. Feckin' cat won't eat it, raw or cooked. Just gives me that 'You cannot be serious!' look...
I've been neglecting 'artist dates' recently. So, went along to  Michel Landy's wee SAINTS ALIVE exhibit. The pace was heaving with gruesome school kids, alas, and St Appollonia was broken. They make lots of noise ( the automaton thingies-), and look scarily likely to fall apart, especially the St Thomas hand poking the Christ torso. The loudest and most amusing is St Jerome whacking his bosom with a rock. The short film was probably the most interesting item, though. Landry seems a jolly sort of guy, and has a very sweet dog, although it appears to be a (shhh-) Staffie.


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Don't touch the mince. My cat would eat anything and everything offered to her - curry, chinese, super old and repulsively mouldy cheese, salad. Anything. Only once did she refuse some leftover chinese food - my boyfriend ate it and got food poisoning.

Take the warning!

mm, just as well I don't usually eat meat... It looks and smells OK, but I've ditched it anyway, as whatever the reason, the damn cat won't eat it. Mumble.

It's great when a cat doesn't make swears in your lap!

Thanks for the Big Brother so I don't have to.

Most repellent bunch of wallies Ever. (I say that every year...)

I'm pretty sure that BB housemate is the one that's one of our students. Much stress at work about that!
It's never occurred to me that the reason Biddy sits on boob/shoulder with bum in my face is because there's no lap, but your drawing makes sense to me- there's no space for her, she isn't just weird!

Yeah, I never noticed about the lap thing, either; thought my cats just preferred the boob/shoulder perch, until Amazy started parking regularly in my new lap.
There are two buxom bottle-blondes who favour pirate-style scarves. One is the dreadful slattern with the flaunted side boobs and hanging-out arse,whose name escapes me, the other, who I rather like, is jovial lesbian shaman (there's a shark spirit living in her legs!) Wolfy, who is the only reason for watching, really.

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