Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Fathers' Day...


Robert Walter Kennedy 1917-1972

...In his US Marines uniform (which he was buried in!)  In youth, he was known for his 'movie star' looks, and was nicknamed The Wild Irishman, due to his penchant for alcafrolic fisticuffs...He lost the looks, but remained a terror, especially in drink. I feared and hated him, but now understand, a bit, just what a sad,unfortunate life he had, and feel sorrow and pity when I think of him. It must also be said that he had rather a good, anarchic sense of humour, loved rooting in obscure junk shops, and would take me to see the latest horror films, if none of my friends were alowed to go. Not all bad, at all. I hope he's found peace.

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