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Bargains, Etc.

la vache
Went to TK Maxx yesterday, and indulged my enthusiasm for curious retro-looking biscuit tins to keep pens and stuff in. Got a good one,one with the old-fashioned scary version of 'La Vache Qui Rit'.( It's a shame what they've done to her in recent years.)
I also bagged another beanbag  Big Hug richfolks' doorstop for tree quid. Heh.
Watched THE AMERICANS which didn't grip me much, but I'll give it another week or two. THE RETURNED, on the other hand, is a definite must. Spooky in a subtle way, and quite original, so far.
THE FALL, which I'd  liked a lot 'ended' on an infuriatingly frustrating  note. Damn them!
I'm currently halfway through DEXTER series 7, which, although it jumped the outrageousness shark ages ago, is still fairly good. I think it's just as well if it finishes with series 8, though.
I'm also starting on series 3 of GAME OF THRONES  (thanks to helenraven for downloading it and a load of other interesting-looking stuff..) I'm trying to control myself, and keep my gawking to an episode every few days.
Re the DON'T LOOK NOW apparition. There was a little old lady on our last Christmas Markets beano who also looked worryingly like her. I still don't know who/what the recent one was. The cape/coat itself was quite unusual in style, and nobody else saw her. Wibble,
There was a crazy scene in the lift this morning with R Next Door going off on one at a man who looks about 90, and his tiny, harmless dog trying to get in the lift with us. She's going to end up assassinated some day, the way she treats people. She's not talking to me, now (WTF did I do?) and I'm rather enjoying the respite.

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