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The Cat Came Back...


Whew... I allowed extra time this morning, because of the coronation anniversary thing. Sure enough, we were chucked off the bus at Parliament Square after a long, slow crawl, and I had to carry on to Charing Cross on foot, with
all the other grumblers. All in all, I did a fair bit of walking today, and thank the gods, I had little pain. Even leaning on the trolley, I used to be in agony after a very short distance.
Amazy was surprisingly well-behaved, throughout nearly half an hour's walk back to the Canterbury West station, and the long train ride. She only started yelling when we had to board the 87 for another extra-slow ride. The bus was packed with loud, smelly, shovey humanity, too, even though it was just after four. When  we finally got indoors, she licked hell out of me  (Yurgh, rdioactive cat tongue!), enjoyed some Sheba, and vanished for a couple of hours. She looks well, has definitely gained some weight back, and it's just lovely having her home. 

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