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Amazy's ready to come home, she was one of those cats whose radiation levels go down quickly. I was expecting her to have to stay in for at least another week, maybe two. I'll have to try and sort out getting her back from Canterbury, so it will probably be Monday or so, before I can pick her up, but whee. A catless flat just ain't right.

Met helenraven at the Coli for Glass' THE PERFECT AMERICAN, and motodraconis joined us in the box at the interval. It doesn't have quite the musical power of some of the earlier operas, like my fave, AKHENATEN. but as  music theatre it was riveting. Director Phelim McDermott and designer Dan Potra gave it a very impressive 'look', which, of course, included some animation.  This study of Walt Disney's last days had a hauntingly dreamy, melancholy quality that I think will stick with me. I'd  known virtually nothing about him except that he was Not A Nice Man,disliked Women, Blacks, Jews, Liberals, etc.etc., overworked and underpaid his staff, and was maybe (or maybe not!) cyrogenically preserved at Disneyland.
This made me want to see if I can find a good (non-authorised!) biography.  Damn good show, all in all, and if you're in London, you should try and go.

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It was another very solid production from ENO. You make me really wish I'd seen Akhenaten, though.

I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to make Death in Venice. Work has just decided to hold a meeting in Stockport that day, and it's something I really ought to attend. I'm sorry to mess you about. Roz might be interested in going, if you don't have anyone else in mind.

AKHENATEN's on DVD, I think, but not the ENO production.
Bad news about DIV(!)but thanks for letting me know in good time.

Richard Schickel's "The Disney Version" still holds up.

Cheers for letting me sneak into your box (and to the stranger lady who was ok for me to sneak in.) I was really struggling with the stuffiness upstairs. The better air in the box and helenraven's restorative Fisherman's Friend really helped!

I always carry Fisherman's Friends, Lockets, or something like that to rehearsals. I often get all stuffed up and sniffywheezy too. Skinflakes and stuff in the upholstery? Best not to dwell on it? :p.
As you see, helenraven can't make the DEATH IN VENICE rehearsal. Why not cash in your ticket and join me in the box?

A place in the box would be fantastic - and I'm happy to pay any monies for it. Can I grab it? Cheers!
As for my ticket, I think I got a cheap 7 quid ticket for Britten, so I'll pass it across to a chum who's expressed interest in seeing it.

Excellent! See you at the entrance after 9:30 (shudder)

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