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Amazy Update, etc...

...She's 'nice and relaxed' is eating well, and has put on a bit of weight. Awwww.
Watched GERVAISE, a B&W Zola adaptation with Maria Schell. Not bad, and I just love the look of those oldies.
A bunch of poor squatters was turfed out yesterday evening, from the building accross the road where the Roux brothers used to have their pastries made. Years ago, it was quite consoling, on one's weary wait for the slavery-bound bus, to savour that scrummy smell wafting over. I really felt sad for the poor buggers sitting there with their dog and their mattresses. They were quiet and did no harm. I for one, didn't even know they were there.
In the park, I watched about six crows on the wing, attacking what appreared to be a crane (from the Common, I guess-) It was rather scary and very loud. They were really having a go. Hope the big long-necked bird got away OK...


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