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There BETTER Be A Veil Involved...

Even I don't hate humanity that much! Can I just shimmy a bit in a chador, maybe? I want tinkly anklets, though...
You are a Goddess Belly Dancer. You may also
dabble in yoga and aura-reading. Your dance is
an expression of the goddess within. Whether
you dance to New Age, Celtic or Arabic music,
there's sure to be a veil involved. You may
share your dance with others, but it's
something you do for yourself. Goddess bless

What Kind of Belly Dancer are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
After another sleepless night (except for the time spent comatosely drooling on my kaftan in front of the TV-), I went up to the vet's to visit Wotan. He was actually chowing down with great enthusiasm, and barely noticed my fawning, moist-eyed presence. He didn't look bad at all, even minus his lower front teeth, and fettered to a drip. His calcium level is up a bit to 'low normal', he was vocalising away, and flirting shamelessly with the staff,quite 'himself', really. I allow myself a smidgin of optimism...

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