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You don't expect WOZZECK to be a jolly night out, but this was intense.  I've only seen the opera onstage once before, and very long ago, a relatively genteel affair.  The new production at the Coli, is visually stunning, a busy, three-storied tenement hell. The direction and choreography were strikingly 'natural' , the cast uniformly excellent, (I thought Tom Randle made a particularly good Captain.) and the orchestra, under Edward Gardner, utterly smokin'.
We stumbled out into an extremely weird and spooky evening, weatherwise, barely able to speak. I was in a state of gobsmacked eeeek all night, although, surprisingly, I didn't have nightmares.
Highly recommended, if not for the fainthearted.
I knew it was a short piece, but couldn't remember whether there was an interval or not. (Not) We cast eyeballs around, but didn't spot motodraconis, dammit. helenraven gifted me with a cool little Chairman Mao notebook, from her recent travels. Neato!


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