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You don't expect WOZZECK to be a jolly night out, but this was intense.  I've only seen the opera onstage once before, and very long ago, a relatively genteel affair.  The new production at the Coli, is visually stunning, a busy, three-storied tenement hell. The direction and choreography were strikingly 'natural' , the cast uniformly excellent, (I thought Tom Randle made a particularly good Captain.) and the orchestra, under Edward Gardner, utterly smokin'.
We stumbled out into an extremely weird and spooky evening, weatherwise, barely able to speak. I was in a state of gobsmacked eeeek all night, although, surprisingly, I didn't have nightmares.
Highly recommended, if not for the fainthearted.
I knew it was a short piece, but couldn't remember whether there was an interval or not. (Not) We cast eyeballs around, but didn't spot motodraconis, dammit. helenraven gifted me with a cool little Chairman Mao notebook, from her recent travels. Neato!

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I had to run out of work and thus arrived on the dot of 6pm so had to go straight up to the balcony, though I did try and find you after the opera.

Wozzeck really didn't do it for me, though I think the closer to the stage you are the more intense and visceral it's going to be, I might have been a bit distant up in the gods.

I've actually already written my review, but I'm waiting for ENO to release their photos before posting. But er... did not like! I may link to your post for balance though (if that's ok.)

It looks like I can go to see the Glass opera after all, but again, it's going to be a brisk jog to the tube from work to make it in time. Cutting it fine. Should be an interval though so I can come and find you then.

Sorry to have missed you. :p It turned out there was a spare seat in the box and all. Bum.
Hmm, that's interesting about your reaction. Maybe I was just in a vulnerable mood, as I was already spooked by the uncanny weather. Fiona seemed quite zapped by it all as well, though. It will be intriguing to see what the crits make of it..
Oh, that's great, that you can make it to the Glass after all. Yay. Maybe see you there. We'll be in stalls box 1 (gimp discount) so you might be able to sneak in during the interval if there are any empty seats.

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When I was in my teens I used to see the paperbacks of these books everywhere in 2nd hand shops and jumble sales.

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