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An Hour Until The Heat Comes On...

Bloody Hell...Wotan, of course, did have a calcium deficiency-collapse, and is now on a drip. He also had four teeth out; poor little sod. I'm going to drop in and 'visit' in the morning, but he won't be discharged until Monday, at least. Everyone at the vets' is so nice that it just makes ya wanna blub even more.(What is it about people being kind when you're freaking out?) The receptionist said she had a cat who had the thyroidectomy, complete with calcium fits, at 23, survived, and lived several years more. Whimper...
Trying to get some drawing done, very uninspired indeed. Last night I unbelievably nodded out during the news at 6:30, and slept through EASTENDERS, BUFFY and ANGEL! Is this a record? I am truly grossly frelled...

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