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Felt really poorly last night, 'orrible sore throat, itching, SNEEZING. Not much better this morning, despite meds. Bah.
Had to take Amazy for the vaccination before she goes into the clinic next week. £50, ping!
Watched a glum, plodding film, THE HUNT, about an innocent man being persecuted as a paedophile. Didn't need it, quite grim enough,right now . On the plus side, it starred the fascinating Mads Mikkelson. He's a very good actor, with astounding bone structure. He and his equally sabre-cheeked brother, Lars (the intriguingly ambivalent politician Troels in THE KILLING 1-) look kind of like sexy Bizarros.
lars mikkelsenm mikkelsen
Can't post doodles at present, due to scanner weirdness. It's really early, but I just need to sleep.

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I had to take one of my cats to the emergency vet last night for cystitis. Overnight stay, meds, blood test: $1000 (about 500 quid). Augh! But what can you do.

Oh nooo! Ridiculous isn't it? I find insurance isn't all that helpful, either. They really take advantage of us soppy animal people.

I've never bothered with insurance as I've been lucky enough to always have had healthy cats, and as you say I bet they give you the runaround anyway. Although my friend's cat has had cryptococcus and that's cost thousands which the insurance has paid out on, so I guess it's a crapshoot. Treating cats gives me a feeling for what it must be like in the US health system;).

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