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Sad, Stressy Week...
Been a funny old week. Every time I play an online Scrabble-type game, I think of badasstronaut   Guess I always will. My heart goes out to her partner, family and close friends. A heavy loss.
R Next Door is going back to the doctor tomorrow, thank the gods. She keeps collapsing in the street,crutches and all, and people don't even help her up, 'cos they think she's drunk.
I'm also arranging to blow what's left of my nest egg on Amazy's radioactive iodine treatment, which is very scary and stressful, too. Yes, she's 'only a cat', and not even a cat I would have chosen for myself, but she's a sweet lil' soul, and has had such a rough life, so far. I know I'm crazy, but I couldn't let her just get worse, until she had to be put down, at her still-youngish age.
Watched an old film THREE FACES OF EVE, which didn't really convince me. It's supposed to be a 'true story'...God the USA 50's lifestyle was so dreadful. This woman had a dual personality, a feeble oppressed housewife, and  a 'good time girl', who used to lean back in her chair and spread her legs at the stuffy medics. (She should have survived...) Finally, after much therapy, and remembering being traumatised by having to kiss her dead granny goodbye, she turned into another personality, a 'well-integrated' mother, and wifey to her new, less 'orrible hubby. How nice. (She should have stayed 'Eve Black' bursting into song and dance routines in sleazy dives and screwing soldiers, IMO.) 

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Lots of things are making me think of @badasstronaut this week but that's not surprising.

Totally understand why you'd be spending your money on Amazy, as you say it just wouldn't feel right to stand back when there's a possible treatment.

Thanks, it's nice to be reminded that not everyone considers this insane behaviour! (Even if it is-)

I've read the book by "Eve Black" herself (Chris Costner Sizemore). According to the book the integration the movie shows is a complete lie - she went on to develop something like twenty different personalities. Poor woman. And her psychiatrists were total manipulative sleazebags.

Multiple Persoanalities

Wow, fascinating!

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