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Still Wearyin'...
Waited in for my parcel until lunchtime, then set off to Spruth Magers on Grafton Street to catch the Kenneth Anger exhibit before it closes tomorrow. (Thanks to charlottecooper for reminding me.) It's not far, but the buses were all on diversion, the roads are dug up, etc. and it was a very annoying journey. It's a small exhibit, with very little information about the photos, etc. on show. Most of it was familiar to me, but if you'd just walked in knowing nothing of Kenneth Anger, you wouldn't have been much enlightened.I must say, I really fancy having a Sheik boudoir lamp,though...
There were an awful lot of loutish tourists about; throwing things, stopping in the middle of the pavement to take photos,etc. Grump.
I went to the park, on the way home, and did my exercises with great effort, then collapsed, plop.
R did buzz me this morning, but I had to wait indoors. She was on crutches, with a sort of cast on her leg...She'd *finally* seen the doctor, who she blames, because he took her off glucosamine(?), saying it was too expensive, and she can't afford to buy it herself. She reckons she won't be able to look after the dogs for much longer, as she's in so much pain. I hope that's not the case, as I think she probably would just lie in bed and starve, if she didn't have to see to their needs. Oy vey


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Wow, it's possible to get glucosamine on the NHS? You're on your own with it in NZ.

Well, it was, but R's doctor said he couldn't provide it any more last year, and she can' afford the shop prices. Her owies have been getting progressively worse since she stopped taking it.

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