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Irritation Situation...
Dragged a reluctant Amazy for her thyroid check. The place was full of dogs, as well, which peeved her considerably. As I'd feared, she is losing weight, and the incredibly expensive radiation isolation treatment, involving a month in Kent looms. Buggeration.
I have this huge craving for olives lately. I always liked them, but this is absurd. I've been having a lot of nausea, this week, as well, and they're one of the few things I don't get queasy from eating.
Must try and get to the Kenneth Anger exhibit before it's too late: will try tomorrow.
Haven't seen R Next Door for a couple of days. She hasn't been getting up to walk the dogs until about noon, and I really need to be out and about much earlier, before my energy flags. She's taking the bits of food I leave on the doorknob, though, so I know she's alive. It might be best just to let her be for a few more days. Sometimes she snaps out of it,

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Your cat transporty thing is fantastic! Awful news about the radiation, though:(.

Re the nausea, is it all the time, or only when you eat? If it's all the time (like a continuous low-level thing that never goes away), I was wondering if it might be pressure on the vagus nerve which can be caused by vertebrae shifting around. It's common after surgery because of the way they haul you on and off the table. I've had it several times and osteopathic treatment was like a miracle - get on the table feeling queasy, get off feeling fine. Just a thought.

Hmm, that's interesting. I'll keep it in mind. It's with me all the time this week, but beforehand not so much, just after eating too much/something that didn't agree, and sometimes in the morning. It's not too bad, just niggly.

Re Petmobil: A really worthwhile investment. It's so much easier to get a squirming critter into, without exhausting you both, and once in, they can move pretty freely and watch the scenery, so they're less stressed.

poor amazy - i hope she gets better

Well, this treatment is 95% effective, and she'd be spared the operation, which Wotan had. He had complications which caused him to have a frightening 'calcium collapse' as well, and then he still had to take tablets for the rest of his days.
It's horribly expensive, but if Amazy lives to be 20,like Wotan, (touch wood-) it will more than pay for itself, as the ordinary op isn't cheap, and the tablets are extortionate. Hey ho...

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