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Carry On Crackin' Up...

IMGOn the plus side, the phone is fixed after three bloody weeks, and I don't have to pay, as it was due to the contractors scrambling the cables. Whew...
Everything else is pretty grim. The Boston thing is dreadful. but after seeing the footage, I'm surprised that more weren't killed outright. It wouldn't surprise me if there were  some sort of trouble tomorrow at the Thatcher funeral, and I wouldn't fancy being along the Saturday Marathon route, just in case... Have heard worrying health news about someone I know, and R, of course is still circling the drain. She is one of how many thousands(?) who have had their health gravely affected by the DLA/ATOS madness. She was nuts to start with, and had physical problems that limited her ability to work regularly, but she was OK, she managed, living frugally on benefits, doing no harm. Now she's a complete wreck full of fear and hate, getting into more and more shit. No reply from her doctor...
Oy... films of the week have included a blazingly lurid PIT AND THE PENDULUM, with Lance Hendrikson going full throttle tonto as a manic, lust-maddened 'Torquemada' There was <i>some</i> reference to Poe, primarily in a scene where Oliver Reed as a snoopy bishop from the Vatican, complete with Dolmio-ad Italian accent, is plied with amontillado, and walled up, prior to being burnt alive. 'For the love of God'.  I also watched SETTING OUT IN THE EVENING, with frang Langella as an elederly novelist in poor health, trying to get his shit together. It was OK, nothing special, but I liked the location shots of my old Manhattan stamping grounds.
In other news, I picked up some new surgical stockings from St Thomas' and kept falling asleep.

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