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I've Got To Keep Control...

R Next Door came around last night with a slice of her homemade strudel, (which I couldn't eat, of course, 'cos I was so freaked out I got the dry boak...) and smiling spookily, said she's got a summons to a job interview. Now she really can walk only with difficulty, frequent falls, etc., won't/can't use public transport, and her car is literally falling apart. She'll never make it, in other words. She refuses to see her doctor, who 'betrayed' her, and actually does sound a complete wanker. The Citizens' Advice place she went to is closed, and she really could end up on the street or something. 'Soon I will be dead, and all this torture will be over with. I cannot live like this...' What she's needed all along is a social worker, to help her deal with forms, and interviews which she honestly cannot manage. I've offered to go to the doctor, etc. with her, but she's not having it.
I try not to let it bother me too much, as gods know, I have my own problems, and she's so blatantly manipulative. It really does make me feel nauseous, though, as, irritating as she is, she's obviously unable to control her loco behaviour. Argh!...Yes, I know this is boring. I'm bored with it too, but I feel I've got to do something, and don't know what. She's a complete through-the-net case.
*Sheesh*...Anyway, this week's DVDs were PUNK IS NOT DEAD, which, not being a huge follower of the various groups covered, I didn't learn much from, and THALE, a decent Scandi-horror, which wasn't all that well reviewed, but I found rather intriguing.

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There are few things as difficult as watching someone driving themselves down the road to destruction and not being able to do anything about it. I wish I had a nifty solution, but given that she is so determined not to let you help, I don't. It's hard to imagine how she ever "failed" her assessment given the state she's in. What an indictment on the system.

It sure is.She was obviously short a ticket all along, not to mention her mobility problems, etc. but he's been getting steadily worse since the ATOS interview. Wotta world!

I have to wonder what the pay off for her is in cutting herself short. I realize she has genuine problems, but she seems to double those by her attitude.

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