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More Of the Same...
...Except for Thatcher being dead, of course. I loathed her, and all she stood for. I think she set this country speeding on the road to ruin. She did, however have the strength of her hideous convictions...I'm trying not to say anything *too* nasty until after the funeral, although I doubt if I'll make it.
I think R Next Door really is going to lose her benefits and get evicted. She just stays in bed most of the time now, and won't do anything to help herself. She just can't get motivated. She really needs a social worker, but how to get one when she won't co-operate?
Still picking my way through the wreckage oh so slowly, and trying to get rid of as much  junk as possible.
Scanner problems yet again, so no doodles at present.

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Just - don't - have - her - move - in - with - you.

Frankly I don't see why someone dying should make a difference in one's opinion of them. When L. Ron Hubbard died I wanted to dance on his grave (but it was too far to travel to).

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well, I grew up believing that it wasn't the done thing to slag off the deceased until after the funeral. In Maggie's case, though, it's next to impossible, I admit.

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