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Brrrr, feels really chilly in here. Got the heat on. Nobody turned up until the afternoon. I'd left a note on the door at 10, and took some more  too-big trousers to the charity shop, where I picked up Mark Almond's TAINTED LIFE for a quid. Heh!  I still have about 20 pairs of pull-on black trousers, and hardly-worn jeans that are nearly falling off. I'm still ginormous of course, but golly...I did another muddy, drizzled-on workout, and when I got back they still hadn't come, so just as well I did go out. They rolled up around lunchtime, just to leave the cabinets, etc. They're putting in tomorrow.  Humph. R Next Door is ill from all the noise, and never took the dogs out until after I'd come back. She was very snippy when I aked how she was feeeling. 'How do you SINK!?, wiz all zis mayhem...' Watched THE MASTER , yet another highly hyped letdown. It looked terrific, but it was about 10 hours long, and, to me, rather pointless. Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Juaquin Phoenix are both fine actors, of course, but I don't think this was either's finest hour. ( Mr P had the easier task with a weird. sometimes frightening, fucked-up character.., a bit 'Travis Bickle'-like, and he made a meal of it. Still, it just wasn't all that.)IMG

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