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Another Dossin' Day...

IMGIMG_0001Nothing of much interest going on. I meant to go to PureGym yesterday, but it was shut for 'unforseen circumstances'  I envisioned murderous yoofs on the rampage. R imagined someone dropped dead ...Probably a leak, or summat...I worked out in the drizzle this morning, and one of the old dogwalking geezers started going on about how well I was looking (depite my ageing about 20 years...) and how impressive my progress and dedication were. Huh! Oddly, I didn't feel annoyed. He's a nice old guy, and I felt he was sincere. Alas, SPIRAL series 4 has ended. I hope there's something decent on next Saturday, not INSPECTOR MONTALBANO, which I can't be bothered with.[Spoiler (click to open)]Tintin is still alive, although he now has another reason to be PTS'd. As for Sami, I never was a fan, but ow, that was a bit harsh. The Kurdish Godmother just plotzed, for no apparent reason, except her sons were fighting, which seemed to be par for the course Stoopid handsome Phillipe and the Ginger minx are back on. She saved all the poor lil' immigrants, and appears to be undergoing an EASTENDERS-style personality change.  As for my man Roban, he's triumphant, possibly with the aid of the Masons, and dammit, he and Marianne, despite their throbbingly obvious mutual longing to bump vintage uglies, keep missing the moment. Scream! How long must we wait for more?

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