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Covetousness Update

This seems to be the only homepage I have left that hasn't been rudely deleted, so I've updated it a bit, for any rich patrons who are trawling about for a poor sod whose life to change for the better, here I am, needy as hell! Book tokens always welcome, too! Actually, I was amazed to recieve one for my birthday from a friend I used to toil in the bowels of the old Bermans & Nathans, (Camden Town), with. She was a bit of a tearaway,then, and was always crashing with me, cadging , having breakdowns and involving me in her dramas, etc. Now she's quite proper and prosperous and I'm a charity case.Sigh...still, very nice that she remembers me; I'm grateful...but how did I come to this? Think positive, Lee - 'An artist is never poor'...BTW, that's a line from BABETTE'S FEAST, which I saw some years ago, and found rather dull and worthy. There was nothing else on, over the weekend, so I thought I'd re-visit it for a while,to see if it still bored me. Well, I still found the calf's head, quails and turtle heading for the table pretty sickening, but I also found myself in sentimental floods. Never fails to surprise me just how much difference your mood makes to the viewing of certain films.
I'm all of a fluster waiting for Renate to come and help me get Wotan to the vet, ergo excessive inane solipcising. Basta-

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