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IMG_0001IMG IMGFinally got to the new PureGym. (I went yesterday morning only to discover that the actual opening wasn't until 5PM, so ended up using damp equipment outside again.)  I couldn't figure out some of the machines, but missed out on the induction tour. Maybe next time... I stayed about an hour anyway, and with the weather being as it is, was pleased to be indoors. I saw R and the dogs beforehand, though. She seemed very concerned about my appearance. '...Sometimes ven people lose a lot of weight, zey look ill...' I actually have been feeling slightly queasy this week, but don't think I look any worse than usual. I know R's game, of course, but being a terrible hypochondriac, I always freak out when anyone says something like 'Are you all right?' !     Currently watching series 1 of  AMERICAN HORROR STORY, which seems to be generally enthused about. It's OK, but I don't feel particularly gripped. Do later series get better? l

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