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Weird Weather...

Like bizarre! Well, at least it's winter like it's supposed to be. I was sitting on a bus which was parked waiting for a driver-switch with the back door wide open for about ten minutes, when WHAAAM! this gust of wind carrying great chunks of Wandsworth Rd gunk came out of nowhere, and shot through the bus in a most uncanny fashion. Everyone went Ohhhhhh! Agh!
There was also A Woman of Middle Eastern Appearance on the bus blatantly suckling a child (-who appeared to be about 2 years old!) There was a bit of scandalised denture-sucking going on, but I'd rather be forced to look at a large lactating tit, on the whole, that the juicily industrious nose-picking one is so frequently faced with on public transport.That does my 'ead in.
Didn't get to the vet, as Renate wanted to wait until to-morrow when the vet who trims her geriatric gerbil's tooth is in.(Don't ask-) Wotan seems OK again,anyway. (Touch wood-)

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