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Kitchen Thrills...
I was expecting not to hear any more about the kitchen refurbishment  for another month or so, but they came around today, and said it might start as early as next week. I'm dreading the dust and mess, and Amazy freaking out. I did emphasise that I have asthma. (I still haven't recovered from the thick layer of dust horror from when they did the bathroom several years ago. It took weeks to get back to anything like normal...) R next Door is going to have a cow as well, as she's so super-sensitive to noise. She also believes that anything done by the council is sure to be faulty and rubbish, and I'll be slain by cupboards falling on me. It's true that the workmanship is usually crap, but my kitchen really is such a crumbling slum that new crap would be some improvement over the crap that's there now. R's kitchen is even more grim, but she refuses to let them touch it, or her bathroom. ( I don't get a new one because I already have the fairly new wet room...) Recent  DVDs Dept: I saw HEIMAT FRAGMENTS: THE WOMEN last week, which was composed of outtakes from the series, with a framing story about Hermann's daughter. I really enjoyed it, but if you weren't obsessed by the series, it probably would be quite  incomprehensible.IMG

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My kitchen is rubbish - untouched since I moved in more than twenty years ago, cracked tiles on the benchtop, a dripping tap that can't be fixed, etc etc. Even the cupboard doors are castoffs that a former workmate was throwing out (I had no doors at all before that). However, after the horror of my bathroom renovation, even if I had the cash for the kitchen I don't think I could man up for the replacement process. The bathroom took three MONTHS (ending late Christmas Eve).

On the other hand, new kitchen! At least there'll be something to show for it.

Ah, the 1960/70s, when every cop had his quirk: fat (Cannon), chairbound (A Man Called Ironside), skint (Rockford Files), blind (Longstreet), black (Tenafly), mobility-challenged (Harry O)...

I don't remember Longstreet, Tenafly of Harry O. Golly, there were a lot of detectives...

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