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Still Dozy...
I guess its just the CFS and depression. I can push myself to exercise, but I still want to doze most of the time, even though I'm a bit more mobile. Oh well, gotta just carry on ... Watched RUST AND BONE, which is supposed to be so great, but it didn't do much for me. Certainly not a bad film, but I didn't really feel involved...Continued worry about R Next Door who seems completely bent on self-destruction. There's not much anyone can do, I guess, wit someone who just won't do anything, but on the other hand, it's not entirely her fault. Her doctor is just hopelessIMG_0001IMG

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I'm VERY sleepy and very achy at the moment- I think part of it for me is the feeling that Spring is so near and yet still not really here. I just need the sunlight. My aches have got worse over the last couple of weeks, I think i'm going to have to give up bread for a while and see if it helps. I struggled getting up the hill home today after trying on tights and anti-chubrub pants at my strange second job, and that made me feel miserable.

I'm just up, and feel like I want to go back to bed. For me, I think it's partly dread of warm weather. days like yesterday are nice enough, but I loathe summer.
Anti-chubrub pants! you're helping to introduce a boon to humanity!

Sorry, when I suggested your thyroid might be to blame for your lack of energy, I hadn't realised you had CFS too. Ugh, CFS sucks. I had an office job when I had it and every day just wanted to crawl under my desk after lunch and sleep. Mine went away after about four years, who knows why, but hopefully yours will eventually slink away too.

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