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God, I feel dozy and lazy. It's muddy again, in the park, and the equipment was all wet. I dragged myself to the launderette, and then Clapham Junction, where I foolishly went into TK Maxx, where I always end up buying something I don't need (Biscuit tin with extremely cute retro cats on it, inscribed 'The best things in life have fleas,' for £2.99...I'm an idiot,yes...)       I watched ON THE ROAD, which was disappointingly lame. The beats, except for Viggo Mortensen as the Burroughs character, came across as a bunch of unattractive wallies. I guess they, were, really, but there was talent and charisma there, too. This film didn't give you any idea of that. There's a really funny orgy in a Mexican whorehouse,near the end, which was almost worth watching it for; real squirt-coffee-through-your-nose stuff, especially as I don't think it was meant to be comical.  I also gobbled up the last of SPIRAL 2, which was cracking good stuff. I'm definitely crushing on foxy grandpa Judge Roban, now. He's so feckin' soigne'. I haven't seen a sexier scrawny man since Michael McManus in LEXX. I've had a couple of skinny RL boyfriends, but generally I like my sex objects robust...  I'm trying to get it together to take all the jeans and trousers that are falling off me over to the Mind shop, to try and clear some space. I'm saving one pair, of course, for historical value. The other day I drank some diet cola, for the first time since the op, and promptly puked. Made R's day when I told her, as she was always going on about how lethal it is. Alctually I find I don't particularly crave it, anyway, which I suppose is good. I did drink too much of it. Speaking of R Next Door, she announced today, when I offered to share some nice comb honey I'd bought cheaply, that she doen't eat honey 'cos it exploits bees...IMG

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