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Eye Test...
My cataracts are growing, as I'd feared, but I don't need new lenses this year, and if I'm lucky, it will still be a few years before I have to deal with an operation on my eyes. Having my entrails fondled was traumatic enough; the thought of having my EYES messed with, is just Brrrr...   IMGIMG_0001

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yay for the giant fish balloon!

Is that like a watchcap thingy? My ex-husband and I were in New York one winter and there was a blizzard, so he bought one of those from a street vendor. Looked far more wanted poster than benny to me. Badass!

I've never heard it called a 'watchcap'. but yeah, that's what I've got, and I do look a sight. You're right though, I *could* be a tough fatcat burglar, not a 'special needs' person...

I've only seen them referred to as watchcaps in the US - I haven't got a clue what it means.

I agree that the thought of cataract surgery is supercreepy, but at least it's a doddle when you actually have it done. My mum's had it on both eyes and wished she'd had it done sooner.

Yeah, I know it's the yuck factor more than anything else, but it really makes me shudder. Thanks for the encouraging info about your mum, though. I have actually heard that from a couple of people who have been 'done'. In any event, I'm still rather glad I don't have to butch up for it just yet.

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