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Hideous Earworm...

I'm currently being driven mad by an awful advertising jingle from my 50's childhood...(I still can't indent, btw-) "Ronzoni suono boni means Ronzoni is so good...Yes, it's clearly understood; Ronzoni is SO good! For macaroni and spaghetti, better try Ronzoni ...more protein and less calories Ronzoni is so good"...etc. I've been haunted by all the worst ones,this week..."Whooooah, Body FOR-orm", Macarena, and now this! Feck...Watched TED, which was mildly amusing, I guess. Actually, the wild party with Flash Gordon was cool.I just can't get into full-length comedy, though. I enjoy the odd half-hour shows, MIGHTY BOOSH, FATHER TED, SPACED, stuff like that, but most sitcoms leave me cold, and anything longer gets really tedious to me. Guess I don't have much sense of humour-or actually, IMGmine is just too weird for me be amused by 'normal' funny stuff.IMG

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