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Just another old lady day...R Next Door has had another mood swing,going on and on about how she can't deal with the beauraucrats,forms,etc,and needs help, but she won't co-operate with the people who can help.It must be said, her GP sounds hopeless, doesn't respond to the CAB woman who's trying to sort things out, etc....Well, I guess he has dozens of other ATOS victims to deal with, in fairness. I just don't know...When I try the tuff love tactic and say nobody ccan help her unless she lets them, etc,I just get the 'You do not understand! Nobody understands that I cannot do anything!' routine. Uh! I feel like calling her doctor myself, but doubt if it would help. I don't suppose he's allowed to discuss cases with the next-door neighbour!       BEING HUMAN, I find , has held up surprisingly well, considering none of the original spooky housemates remain, and it's coming to an end soonish, which is also good. I don't hold with series going on and on. It's still quite entertaining, anyway, and this week, the lovely Julian Barratt was aboard as a sleazy weatherman werewolf .   Was also delighted to see clever old Judge Roban back in SPIRAL. Woot!  IMGIMG                                                  

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A little girl who looked like Lou Reed? Get her a leather jacket and sunglasses stat!

I look forward to the next series of BEING HUMAN. Mind you, with all the replacements it's more like MISFITS now!

And yes, part of the beauty of a TV series (provided there's some sort of arc) is that there's finite number of episodes. Been watching Voyager repeats and they are a lot better than I remember. Likewise they've just started showing Deep Space Nine from the start. I know how it all ends, but it's fun watching it progress.

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