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I was getting all smug about Wotan's markedly improved appearane. Today, he's been slinking about tail down, not interested in food ,not even sliced people-quality roast beef, which I overcame my veggie squeamishness and bought to tempt him. (Yetch, smells like -er-menses, actually.) He's been drinking a lot of water,too, and spitting up little puddles of saliva. Oh, why is there no respite, Lord? (assumes Job-like hunched & hunkery grizzling position...) He's going to the vet tomorrow, anyway.
Just had to buy and schlep Renate's groceries, in addition to my own. Don't really mind at all,as I had to go to the shops anyway, and I'm glad to have a chance to do her the odd favour,what with her helping so much with cat-catching, and all. She would have weird faddish requirements, though. (She's a bloody vegan, and intense about it.) Hey ho... Typical 'commuter chaos' going on. (Don't say I didn't warn youse about the tube. Everyone just stay off it.)

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