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Time-Wasting Rubbish...

Been Quizilla'ing again, because I am in a vacant, mindless phase. I'm informed that 'my' font is Times New Roman ( a bit bloody ordinary-Hmph! ) and yes, the gods do hate me, so no surprises there.
I woke up late, with a headache (no I wasn't drinking...), and look more like Jabba the Hutt than usual. It's also trying to be summer already. Also, I did not win the Lotto again. This is all very unsatisfactory. As is the fact that TAKEN is ever so dull, so far. I don't have much hope for it. The aliens are pretty cool-looking, though.I like the sinuous way they move...although in 'RL' people who have had sightings report that they skitter about in an alarming bug-like way. Mine did.

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