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Hourly Comic (2)

IMG_0006IMG_0007 That's it for this year...

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Love seeing your Hourlies Lee--well done! I look back on mine over the years and they seem boring, but it is neat seeing slice of life, seeing where you were (and what you were thinking) at a particular time. I like your shading and renderings too! Some Hourlies I've read have been pretty bad, but the ones this year have been lovely. Bravo!

I was hoping we'd see these - I particularly like the gym ones, although I'm puzzled by the mysterious nature of the outdoor equipment. It seems to consist, like the internet, of a series of tubes.

I just don't draw too good...I keep meaning to take reference photos, as I can never quite remember what they look like. They are rather peculiar looking, but not as fat and bendy as I make 'em.

Pshaw, you draw real good.

Well done keeping the quality up!

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